Remsen Farmers Coop Grain

Ryan Johnson is our Grain Merchandiser.  If you have any questions give Ryan a call at 712-786-1199 or email at

Grain Policies

Deliveries must be settled within 15 days of unload date or grain will be charged storage beginning on the 16th day.

Warehouse Receipt & Open Storage Charges

15 days no charge.  Next 45 days charge of .16 (corn)/.18 (beans)/.10 (oats).  The next 305 days charges are .010 (corn/beans/oats) per day (.03/month).  Anything after a year is .0017 (corn/beans/oats) per day (.045/month).

Grain Bank Storage Rates

Must be on Remsen Farmers Coop Co. approved program.  Only available to feed customers of Remsen Farmers Coop Co. 60 days storage at no charge, .001 cents per day thereafter.  Any grain sold out of grain bank will revert to open storage rates.  Corn taken out of Grain bank must be mixed with protein supplement.  Shelled corn hauled out will be charged regular open storage rates.  Moisture requirement is 15%.

Price Later

Service charge balance $.16 for 90 days .001 per day (corn).  $.18 for 90 days .001 per day (beans).  Roll over charges .20 (corn)/.23 (beans) for 90 days. .001 cents per day thereafter.  Price Later contract cannotbe Warehoused or other storage disposition.

Corn Drying:  5 cents per point of moisture removed

Average up to 17

17.1/higher stand alone

Contracted or sold within 15 days – 15%

Warehouse Receipt – 14%

Grain Bank – 15%

Price Later – 15%


  Contracts sold before 15 days 13%.  On Warehouse receipt/Price Later 13% moisture. 

15% moisture beans to 11% will be averaged



Grain Shrink

13.1% to 13.5%


13.6% to 14.0%


14.1% to 14.5%


14.6% to 15.0%


15.1% to 15.5%


15.6% to 16.0%



Policies are subject to change with no prior notice

Storage will be billed monthly

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